our Why

“Tapping your core of wisdom” is our tagline, our deep-seated passion here at Wise at Work. Whether you are one person, an organization, or a team, we will support each of you to tap into your wellspring of wisdom.

our What

We help people and organizations gain clarity and tap their cores of wisdom to flourish and be effective. We partner with you to reach your vision.

• Organizational Health Consulting

• Work & Life Coaching

• Counseling & Mediation

• Trainings & Workshops

our How

Our core values are Equanimity, Clarity, and Accountability. These inherent beliefs define how we interact as people and as a business.                                                             To find out how we can help you reach your vision, contact Susie Amundson in Homer AK via email or cell 509-998-1009.

our Who

We bring our best selves to our shared work. Technically, we carry years of experience and expertise. And just as important, we demonstrate kindness, humor, and attentive inquiry, believing in the wholeness and well-being of people and organizations.