It’s Never Too Late

 “Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.”    

                                                     ~ Marshall McLuhan



W@W Newsletters

What Story Am I Believing Right Now? (March 2017)

We all get entangled and lost in our stories at times. Find out how to find the Owl of Your Brain.


Mobilizing for Action — Try On Some Calm (Jan 2017)

Ever feel immobilized or stuck at work?Try on some calm in your everyday-ness and see what happens.


Bringing Your Genius to the Holidays (Dec 2016)

Funny thing how your body knows before your brain does — even when it’s not the holidays. Listen in.


Can I Feel THAT Way? (Nov 2016)

In the rear-view mirror, it’s always easier to see how much happier we could have been. Here are two questions to start your morning.


Seven Tactics for Coping With Slackers (Sept 2016)

All of us have experienced that colleague that isn’t exactly doing his fair share in the workplace. Find out what you can do.


Just Put Your Hoof Down (June 2016)

When it’s moose calving season in Alaska, the cow moose has to be firm with the yearlings. Which brings us to accountability in the workplace.