Trainings of Resilience

We all want a life and workplace that flourish, but how do we make it a reality?

Wise at Work Trainings focus on building your personal resilience to lead a workplace team, change a relationship (with anything: stress, colleague, work), strengthen your calming response for more thoughtful communication, or face new life and work challenges.

Most of us as children and teens didn’t get a chance to develop the skills and muscles of this inner resilience. This zone that brings calm, clarity, creativity, and longstanding well-being to us.  In a world of opinion bombardment, stress, and job burnout, it’s easy to think frazzle is our natural state.

We blend science and common humanity to help you: (1) gain awareness of self-defeating habits, (2) build your own science-backed tool kit to navigate your day-to-day challenges, and (3) spring back more quickly from difficulties and frustrations at work and in all of life.

For more information about any of our trainings, contact Susie. Trainings of Resilience are offered in Alaska and beyond.

Wise at Work Trainings Are Offered Onsite and Online