ReWired for Work Training

Maybe you’ve noticed? In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, staff and leadership effectiveness is jeopardized when we see increased staff disengagement, professional burnout, and turnover. Are you feeling distracted, exhausted, and dissatisfied in the workplace?

Building inner resilience is one powerful strategy to strengthen the effectiveness of the workforce. And in turn, the organization.

ReWired for Work is designed to increase leaders and staff’s personal resilience in order to respond more calmly, skillfully, and effectively to workplace stress and life challenges.  Inner resilience is defined as an active merging of our body-heart-and-minds to foster our inner trust and calm, emotional well-being, and personal efficacy in our lives. And it’s often a life lesson that’s gone missing in childhood, young adulthood, and yes at work.

Through research, we know that personal resilience is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and strengthened.

ReWired for Work is based on positive psychology, neurobiological leveraging, strength-backed activities, and science-backed  resilience practices. Participants enjoy a wide range of experiences including mindful movement, writing, discussion, guided visualizations, mini-lessons, and yes, life-changing tools.

To gain more information about this 8-hour Training or a Workshop topic tailored for your leaders and staff, please contact Susie.


8-hr Training or Shorter Tailored Workshops

• Relating to Our Own Stress

• Strengthening Our Body’s Calming Response

• Befriending Our Feelings

• Tending Our Emotions and Storylines

• Reframing Our Minds and Lives

Benefits of ReWired for Work

• Calmer and more grounded responses in the face of work pressures, deadlines, and troubling relationships

• Capacity to negotiate difficult emotions with presence and ease

• Increased attention on tasks and priorities in workplace and life

• Improved clarity and creativity for problem-solving and decisions

• Greater satisfaction and more contentment in the workplace and ease in life