ReWired for Work Training

Maybe you’ve noticed? In today’s demanding work environment, we are experiencing more staff disengagement and professional burnout and turnover than ever before. These factors snuff out staff and leadership effectiveness in any organization.

Are You Feeling Frazzled? Distracted? Overwhelmed? Is Your Staff? Leaders?

Neuroscience research (Davidson, 2016) identifies four pillars of wellbeing that bring greater connection and ease to our work and every day lives. The focus of ReWired for Work is to learn, practice, and use specific evidence-based tools and exercises that build up these four pillars:

To live and work with more calm, clarity, and creativity, we need to rewire and refire our neural circults with our mind and body.  Our brains are malleable at any age, so EVERYONE can use these tools and practices. They’re learnable, do-able, and enjoyable!

ReWired for Work brings forth neural exercises, strength-based activities, positive psychology, and science-backed resilience practices. Participants enjoy a wide range of experiences including mindful movement, writing, discussion, guided visualizations, mini-lessons, and yes, life-changing tools.

Resilience trainings and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your organization’s health. Please email Susie.


ReWired for Work Topics

• Relating to Our Own Stress

• Coming to Our Senses

• Re-zoning Our Neurophysiology

• Practicing Goodwill

• Shifting Our Well Being

Benefits of ReWired for Work

• Calmer and more grounded responses in the face of work pressures, deadlines, and troubling relationships

• Capacity to negotiate difficult emotions with presence and ease

• Increased attention on tasks and priorities in workplace and life

• Improved clarity and creativity for problem-solving and decisions

• Greater satisfaction and more contentment in the workplace