ReWired for Work Training

In today’s demanding work environment, staff disengagement and professional burnout are on the rise.

Is that you in the workplace? Reeling between frenetic strain to a numbed malaise.  You bob up with glimmering moments of enthusiasm and productivity. And then you roll between frazzle and collapse.

The neuroscience research is simple. When we are in a calm, alert, and engaged neural state or what I call “The Humming Zone,” we realize better personal and professional outcomes.

We bounce back from stress more quickly. We increase our engagement with our own job. We enjoy better quality of relationships at work (and elsewhere). We demonstrate more creativity. And we even boost our co-workers’ productivity! We live and work from a place where we are more relaxed and effective.

How Do You Get to Your Humming Zone?

  • Learn your three neurophysiological states and what they mean from the inside out.
  • Determine which vital tools move you to Your Humming Zone.
  • Build your own personalized ReWired Playbook.
  • Practice these exercises to rewire and refire your neural circuits.

ReWired for Work is the portal to Your Humming Zone.  When you try on neural exercises, strength-based activities, and science-backed practices, you refire and rewire your brain. Our brains are malleable at any age, so EVERYONE can learn, practice, and use these tools and practices.

Access your calm, alert, and engaged springboard for life and work. Customized workshops or a 6-hour online training is available for groups. To find out more, just  email Susie.


• Re-zoning Our Neurophysiology

• Coming to Our Senses

• Expanding Our Emotional Fitness

• Cultivating Goodwill

• Shifting to Our Optimal Well Being




• Calmer and more grounded responses in the face of work pressures, deadlines, and troubling relationships

• Capacity to negotiate difficult emotions with presence and ease

• Increased attention on tasks and priorities in workplace and life

• Improved clarity and creativity for problem-solving and decisions

• Greater satisfaction and more contentment in the workplace