ReWiring for Resilience Workshop

Purpose. This 90-minute workshop is an abbreviated version of the ReWired for Work 8-hour Training. And yet, stands as a powerful learning opportunity to gain several tools of increasing your inner resilience.  It is designed and customized for different audiences such as parents, health and human service professionals, and organizational and agency leaders. Inner resilience or the active merging of our minds with our bodies and emotions allows us to respond more calmly, skillfully, and effectively to workplace stress, family overload, and life challenges.

ReWiring Your Resilience is based on a neurobiological approach that informs us that we are able to make changes to the way we receive and process information as well as expand our options for responding. Step. By. Step. When we do, more inner trust, ease, and personal efficacy come alive in all parts of us. And a gain of well-being.

Methods. Through research, we know that inner resilience is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and strengthened. During the workshop, participants will mindfully move, lean in to mini-lessons, and experience science-backed practices that increase inner resilience. Methods are interactive and focus on centering the body, calming the heart, and bringing clarity and perspective to the mind. Tools are presented and practiced as well as provided in simple-to-read handouts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase awareness of our own work, family, and life stressors and our natural resilience for coping
  • Describe the neurobiological nature (brain, vagus, neurochemicals, neural pathways) of stress and our own natural inner resilience



  • Experience and apply three practices to increase our calming response in our body
  • Leverage three inner resilience tools to move emotions and mind into the Humming Zone
  • Identify and practice two “go-to” inner resilience tools that personally resonate in times of stress, overload, and challenges