Leadership Coaching

Sometimes, leading is hard...

Whether you’re leading your life or leading a work team or business, the demands of it all can disconnect you from your best self and wisdom. And yes, isolate you from others. Full lives can feel like a endless mire of must-do’s, missteps, and not-enoughs. Maybe you know the feeling...

Susie and Client

First off, you are already resourceful and capable.

Here at Wise at Work, I will guide you in one-on-one sessions to help you tease through your tough dilemmas and your inner commotion. With my pragmatic skills and empathic listening, you will be able to tap more into your inner wisdom for clear problem-solving and decision making.

I use a direct and neurobiologically-informed (what’s that?) approach to shore up your inner strengths, life habits, work routines, and leadership skills. You can try on practical tools and neural exercises to bring on more calm in your nervous system and gain greater clarity, purpose, and zest into your work and life.

Your situation will be no surprise for me. I understand that all of us including my clients from acupuncturists to kayak guides to attorneys struggle at times. With our clients ranging from Anchorage to Casa Blanca, we can connect with you wherever you live.

Together, we can co-create a path with personalized strategies for work and life to bring on greater confidence, meaning, and choices.

Our Approach with Your Neurobiology.

Your nervous system is wise, often hushed. When we understand it, learn to read its cues, and not judge it but leverage it, life and work simply get better and easier. I use the Polyvagal Theory as a lens to uncover your lived experiences, emotional reactions, underlying beliefs, and autopilot behaviors that are stepping stones and whoops, stumbling blocks. Those stumbles are when you get in the the way of your best leadership and your team work. Together we resource up your personal agency and professional leadership. With Coaching, your nervous system can break out of self-defeating neural ruts and spiral up to eat CAKE (be Calm, Alert, Kindred, Engaged). With every bite of CAKE, you'll enjoy new choices for life and work.

Katie Howard, KH Consulting

"Susie has been my leadership coach for several years, and in the time we have been working together, my understanding of myself has completely transformed. I have learned to listen to my body and get out of my busy, busy mind. This shift translates into big wins for me as a small business owner managing a team of nine people who are constantly under deadline. I show up with more CAKE—Susie’s helpful acronym for how I want to feel as I lead my team and our clients: calm, alert, kindred, and engaged. Working with Susie has been like winning the...

Kerri Liu, The Gin

"Working with Susie has been invaluable for me personally and professionally. My relationships have improved and I am meeting professional goals that had previously felt insurmountable. Her combination of nervous system work and practical application has given me the tools I’ve needed to move through my week with a deep sense of calm and control. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with her as it’s literally changed my life."