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How Your Neurobiology Helps You Thrive (Aug 2021)

Everyone of us faces a reckoning with our edginess, whinging, and not-enoughs. Learn how your neurobiology can help you move to clear viewing when you flash into the moment of mind meeting body.

How to Eat CAKE Without Washing Dishes  (July 2020)

With the lingering global pandemic, we are ripe to gain a better understanding of our inner landscape, primarily our autonomic nervous system. Figure out how you can leverage yours to eat CAKE.

Welcome to Bunker Up (April 2020)

Whether you are a front-line angel right now, working or schooling from home, or basically hunkering down on your couch, we all are feeling a bit edgy and overwhelmed. To lighten our emotional labor and to build up our stress-resilience during this time, I designed BUNKER UP to share with you.

Know Thy Anchors  (Mar 2020)

When the going gets rough, the wise load up on ways to enhance their neurobiology and regulate their stress. In spite of a viral whirlwind sweeping the globe, we still have a choice to uptick our autonomic nervous system and in turn, our equanimity, perspective, and well-being. It’s a great time to use our stress resilience.

Polyvagal Theory: You Can’t Use the Things You Don’t Have (Jan 2020)

If one scientific embodiment has changed my life, this is it. Founded by Stephen Porges, the Polyvagal Theory is a clear path toward anyone’s well-being. It focuses on your mammalian neurobiology primarily your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) coupled with your brain. You don’t want to miss this.

Are You Savoring the Lottery (Nov 2019)

When we linger with positive memories anywhere from 12 to 20 seconds, neuronal activity increases in our brain boosting ongoing resiliency and positive emotions. Savoring allows us to calm our minds and warm our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving!

Showing Up (Sept 2019)

This story is about showing up for all the experiences of your life, for others, and mostly yourself. And what does showing up mean? I think it means more than just arriving to the party with chips.

I Heard the Ponderosa Pines (Aug 2019)

Do you know how to tap your inner wisdom? Do you even think it exists or has it gone missing with your sleep? (That might happen.) Find out how to navigate with your own wisdom but first how to connect with it.

The Treasure of Safety  (June 2019)

Through the science of work teams, we know predicting its effectiveness matters more about HOW a team works together than WHO is on the team. The pivot point is how team members together create a culture threaded with interpersonal trust, mutual respect, and a comfort of being known as a human. Learn how.

The Magic of Dependability (April 2019)

When Dependability is the #2 predictor of team effectiveness, it’s time to take note. Accountability looks different when it’s a mammalian imperative! We need to count on one another.

Taming the Crocodiles of Conflict (Mar 2019)

Conflict is inevitable in our current human form.  And yet in our humanness, most of us lack a strong skill set for dealing with it. Gently step into the world of conflict and it will look less threatening.

The Pirate of Woe at Work (Feb 2019)

Occasionally, various team pirates crop up in the workplace and usurp the team’s energy.  What can you do? How do you bring more spirit, efficacy, and efficiency to your team when it’s being held hostage?

Shake Up Your Holiday (Dec 2018)

Do something different this holiday.  Take a left turn. With all of the flurry of activities and blizzard of duties, it might feel like you are living in a snow globe. Shake it up even more when you head in a different direction.

We’re Mammals First (Nov 2018)

As a leader when you are mindfully present, composed, and relational, you and your staff together co-create an experience of connectedness. It’s this connected mammalian relationship, which allows for more focus, calm, and energy in the workplace. And of course, better organizational outcomes.

Leading in a SACRED Way (Oct 2018)

If we know that employees in the Humming Zone tend to yield better results in the organization, why wouldn’t a leader do everything possible to set this climate? It seems so simple. Yet many leaders don’t get this. Or maybe they just need the SACRED tools to do so.

The Most Underrated Skill You Could Learn (Aug 2018)

Just like my berry bucket, the inner felt sense you carry around within you might be empty, full, or tangled. Each of us chooses how we want to face life and work struggles. Find out the most singular crucial skill to dip into the ease of life.

Apparently Safety Takes Planning (July 2018)

Most of us are on the hunt for a rewarding work experience, collaborative colleagues, work that matters, and a fair, respectful workplace. Take a first step into setting the stage for more employee engagement and less burnout. After all, we’re all mammals!

Four Ways to Weather Workplace Wrongs (June 2018)

Unless you’ve been in the workplace for less than a day, you understand that injustices crop up like dandelions in Alaska’s June. We want our workplaces to be fair! But just in case this isn’t happening at your job, here are four tips that will bring you more calm and engagement in the workplace in the face of adversity.

How Much Donkey Do You Need? (May 2018)

Do you pride yourself on being strong and independent? Self-sufficient? Immune to others? Autonomy or the desire to be self-directed is a natural social need. When it moves over to redlining the donkey-meter however, it’s time to reconcile with this charming trait.

Unpacking the First 1000 (March 2018)

Every one of us has core beliefs. Some align well with our values. Others are hidden deeply in our suitcase and weigh us down at work, home, and life. When we create a safe place to sift and sort them, our minds gets lighter and our hearts lift into a higher altitude of ease and peace (think Nepal!)

How Much Uncertainty Can You Hold? (Feb 2018)

Certainty. It’s one of our basic social needs as a mammal. We can assume there’s a wide continuum about how much is needed for us to feel calm, alert, engaged in work and in life. Lean in to discover how to create a more neurobiologic-friendly workplace by building in reasonable certainty.

What’s That Crane Doing on My Car? (Dec 2017)

Birds and humans alike want status, which is an underlying social need based on our mammalian neurobiology. Its inner message resounds with “I’m important and I make a difference too.” This is a perfect time of year to let people know they matter, they count, and you positively regard them.

Savor the Lottery (Nov 2017)

Often when we are burdened by work problems or an agitating colleague, dealing with family strain and losses of loved ones, stressing out about money or having enough, or wrestling with sideways relationships, we forget to Savor the Lottery . . .

Why Earthworms Matter in Organizations (Nov 2017)

The research is simple. When employees are in a calm, alert, and engaged neural state, the organization benefits. And so do its people. How do you shift the culture of your organization and what Earthworms do you need to grow a fertile culture for employees to be calm, alert, and engaged?

What Bears Can Teach You (Aug 2017)

Your neurobiology is talking to you at all times, especially when bears are in the neighborhood.  How do you hear your neurophysiological states? Take 5 minutes to do so and life, ahhh, becomes a little easier.

What Story Am I Believing Right Now? (Mar 2017)

We all get entangled and lost in our stories at times. Find out how to gain a bigger perspective

Mobilizing for Action — Try On Some Calm (Jan 2017)

Ever feel immobilized or stuck at work?Try on some calm in your everyday-ness and see what happens.

Bringing Your Genius to the Holidays (Dec 2016)

Funny thing how your body knows before your brain does — even when it’s not the holidays. Listen in.

Can I Feel THAT Way? (Nov 2016)

In the rear-view mirror, it’s always easier to see how much happier we could have been. Here are two questions to start your morning.

Seven Tactics for Coping With Slackers (Sept 2016)

All of us have experienced that colleague that isn’t exactly doing his fair share in the workplace. It can be exasperating if you’re the teammate or supervisor. Find out what you can do.

Just Put Your Hoof Down (June 2016)

When it’s moose calving season in Alaska, the cow moose has to be firm with the yearlings. Find out how what it takes to be firm in the workplace and hold staff member accountable.