Our How

We believe that how we do our work is as important as what we do.

Our core values are Equanimity, Clarity, and Accountability.

  • Equanimity is that soothing balance of heart and body even when hard stuff and wicked problems are coming up. We demonstrate the grounded, felt-sense of emotional balance that serves as the foundation for your clarity, insights, and good decision making.
  • With Clarity we help you see your What Is, your What if (your promising results), and the mucky space in between them. We hold that ambiguous space with focus, psychological safety, empathy, and resources for you to settle into it, feel it, unpack it, and see it more clearly. Scoping out the big picture, the fine details, and the tones and colors in between, a clear picture is portrayed.
  • Together Clarity and Equanimity spark your innovation, insights, possibilities, and tangible plans. We guide you through generating ideas and opportunities, accessing missing information, making decisions, prioritizing options, and taking action. And hold on!
  • There’s Accountability. That’s ensuring that all of us stick with the commitment to design and accomplish the change and make mid-course corrections responsively with a generous spirit.

When you work with us you get the value of reaching your vision and goals along with the bonus of gaining more Equanimity, Clarity, and Accountability. We won’t waver — we’ll help you tap your core of wisdom for meaningful change.