Counseling & Mediation

With the belief and experience that people are stronger, more capable, and wiser than they may see themselves, Martin offers both counseling and mediation services. Working with individuals and groups this core principle provides the clarity, care, experience, and safety to name, manage, and integrate tough truths during their sessions.

In Counseling, troubling or difficult situations, personal and family challenges, or life choices are delved into. We take stock of your capacities and motivation for change and evaluate and explore problems and solutions. We then construct action plans for change while developing helping strategies for handling one’s day-to-day struggles.

Typical challenges may be:

  • Individual struggles
  • Family relationship issues
  • Critical life or age related transitions
  • Anger/Stress regulation
  • How to say “No”
  • How to say “Yes”

In Mediation, we facilitate a voluntary and cooperative process to responsibly resolve critical differences effecting people’s lives. We provide the skills and expert guidance for families, groups, and organizations to actively communicate their interests and reach agreement.  We assist in navigating through the difficulties and apparent impasses that have led you to seek help to resolve differences. You make the decisions based on your values and needs. We provide the communicative tools, ‘balcony’ viewpoint, and collective experience to support collaborative agreement.

  • Reach agreements on consensual and common interests
  • Impartial facilitator and communication guide
  • Equal voices, respectful listening
  • Agreements reduced to writing for review
  • Significantly less time and resource expense than litigation
  • Decisions made by the people who are impacted the most