Work & Life Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching starts with an action-oriented partnership of us working together. But first, you need to get through the door — or the videoconferencing window to meet with me. If you feel stuck. Confused. Can’t get out of the red zone. Beating yourself up. Ruminating. Want to find more authenticity.

When Do People Seek Coaching?

When life or work gets overwhelming, it’s a relief to tease out a situation with a coach. Perhaps you are wading through a difficult job, trying to negotiate a contentious relationship, suffering a deep loss, seeking more emotional balance in the midst of stress or malaise, rehashing old stuff, or working with a life transition (e.g., new job, retirement, disease).

I use an attachment-based, neurobiological approach in coaching. We  trust your direct experience, your embodied wisdom, and basic goodness to move you forward. I believe that inner resilience and healing emerge from body-mind-heart attention, self-compassion, perspective, and humor.

How Does It Work?

Coaching sessions offer active listening and nurturing inquiry, inventories to gain clarity, body-mind visualizations and meditations, and simple tools to better access and grow your inner resilience. Strategies are customized and specific because after all, life isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

Typically, we start together to see if coaching is the right fit for you. If it is, sessions are scheduled every 2 weeks along with homework. There’s always homework. Social, emotional, and behavioral learning takes practice over time. Together we build your skills for life and work. Rates are for a 75-minute session and an email follow-up of session highlights and homework. For more information, email Susie.

Your Human Wholeness Comes Alive

  • Access your calm, alert, engaged place aka the best version of your self
  • Make sense of confusing beliefs and difficult situations at work and life
  • Befriend and “be with” difficult, negative emotions
  • Clarify your  ‘what is’ and potential actions
  • Communicate more clearly in a troubling relationship
  • Substitute your badgering internal critic with an amiable inner friend
  • Gain more inner trust and confidence
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Stock up on tiny tools to shift to a friendlier, warm-hearted neurobiological state

Where Do We Meet?

We meet face-to-face at 1060 East End Road in Homer, Alaska or via videoconferencing (FaceTime or Zoom) or telephone.