Facilitating Conversations

Ensure all voices are heard, conflict is bridged, and impact is made.

Some conversations can be well, difficult. We’ve all sat through them. Where everyone tiptoes their way through the discussion and never gets anywhere. Or those meetings where that well-meaning, over-splainin’ colleague can’t find a comma, let alone a period.  Or when two teammates are caught in a head-butt dragging down the entire team with them.  It can be agonizing and discouraging . . .

We believe all work teams and groups want to have a sense of belonging, learn together, and contribute generatively.

And sometimes, they lack the skill sets to have productive and meaningful conversations.

That’s why we provide a supportive space for an open, focused discussion and co-determine your discussion outcomes so we can reverse-engineer how to reach your destination. Our neurobiologically-informed, consensus building allows you to make headway in your discussions to include all voices, bridge differences, and uncover inspiring and feasible solutions.

Wise at Work abides to:

  • Uphold psychologically safe spaces
  • Make the implicit explicit (this might get a little uncomfortable)
  • Deal with the ‘what is’
  • Fuel innovative ideas and sound strategies
  • Frame up fresh, solid plans for launching