Organizational Consulting

Here at Wise at Work, we believe that organizations want and can be wiser and better. We know that leaders, teams, and employees aspire to contribute and make a positive difference in the workplace. And hurdles do come up.

We help teams, leaders, and organizations boost their effectiveness and resilience or that ability to face tough stuff and grow wiser and stronger from it. We blend the science of organizations and work teams, mammalian neurobiology, and our expertise as leaders and team members.

What We Do

  • Mediate Difficult Conversations and Team Conflict
  • Reset Team Dynamics and Structure
  • Coach and Train Leaders, Executives, and Boards
  • Strengthen Employee Engagement
  • Revisit and Reboot Organizational Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture
  • Facilitate Strategic, Program, and Operations Planning (PDF)
  • Conceptualize, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Projects

Our Lens of Organizational Effectiveness is Simple

  • Performance (major achievements, results, efficiency, timeliness, quality)
  • Financial Viability (meeting your budget/making a profit)
  • Employee Engagement (emotional commitment, satisfaction, efficacy)
  • Relevance (meeting client needs and adapting to the ever-changing environment)

Wise at Work has 15 years of experience with small businesses, non-profit organizations, American Indian tribes, state and federal agencies, Alaska Native villages, professional associations, and private foundations.