Organizational Consulting

We believe in organizational well being and wholeness. When the body, heart, mind, and spirit of an organization are aligned, an organization and their teams can flourish. This is the scientific advantage that gives organizations a leg up.

Simply put, Wise at Work helps organizations run more effectively and have better working relations. We help you:

  • gain clarity on your spirit (vision, mission, values, culture)
  • shore up your organization’s body (its infrastructure and foundational systems)
  • strengthen its heart with investments in your people (staff, leadership, clients, partners)
  • clarify and enhance your organization’s mind (strategic direction, lines of business, management processes). 

Organizational transformation takes place when all the parts of the system are integrated well. This is organizational health.

Our Clients Experience These Benefits

  • Guide and Train for Organizational Change
  • Facilitate Strategic, Program, and Operations Planning (PDF)
  • Bolster Capacity to Negotiate Conflict and Difficult Conversations
  • Coach Leaders and Leadership Teams
  • Strengthen Work Team Effectiveness and Engagement
  • Facilitate Relational Norms and Working Relationships
  • Clarify Decision Making Processes
  • Embed Values throughout Organization

Our Lens of Organizational Effectiveness is Simple

  • Performance (major achievements, results, efficiency, timeliness, quality, clients served, rates/budget)
  • Financial Viability (meeting your budget/making a profit)
  • Staff Satisfaction and Commitment (engagement, dedication, coming back for more)
  • Relevance (meeting client needs and adapting to the ever-changing environment)

Wise at Work has 15 years of experience with small businesses, non-profit organizations, American Indian tribes, state and federal agencies, Alaska Native villages, professional associations, and private foundations. Wise At Work helps your organization be, just that – wise at your work.