Wise @ Work Trainings

Check out that infographic over there. Yeah, that’s the one. To the right. So what does it mean when employees are disengaged at work? In the close-up picture, the worker exerts a small effort, fumbles assignments, irritates coworkers, and lasers in on the clock. The only thing worse than a disengaged worker is the actively disengaged one who brings along a miserable attitude, undermines coworkers, and is disruptive.

Science shows that disengaged employees tank organizational productivity, profits, and viability. And can be a carrier of unhappiness.

At Wise at Work, we believe that organizations, leaders, work teams, and workers want and can be better and wiser. We know that people want to contribute and make a difference in the workplace.  So we design trainings with a multi-level approach to gain organizational effectiveness and employee engagement by lifting Organizational Culture, Team Dynamics, Leadership Competence, and Employee Inner Wellbeing.

Our trainings are designed to tap people’s wisdom in the workplace to ensure organizations perform well, are viable and relevant, and fully engage their workers.

All W@W Trainings our customized to your workplace, online or onsite!  Our offerings are below. Email Susie for arrangements and pricing.

Wise@Work Trainings (Onsite or Online)