Wise @ Work Trainings

The efficacy of teams, organizations, and individuals all have a common theme. It grows out of a calm, alert, kindred, and engaged neural state.

I call it The Humming Zone.

From here, we bring our best self, enjoy higher quality relationships at work, bounce back from stress more quickly, think more creatively, resolve challenging situations more adeptly, and engage with our jobs better. Is that convincing enough?

The trick of course is moving into this neural state. Calm. Alert. Kindred. Engaged.

What does it take? It takes personalized tools for your neurobiology. As leaders, it takes ways to create psychological safety and sound processes for teams. It takes organizations and leaders to build a culture to support the best neurophysiological platform for their people.

Our trainings, based on the tenets of the polyvagal theory, enhance and transform the neurobiology of organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals leading to meaningful change and effectiveness.

Bring a customized W@W Training to your workplace, online or onsite!  Our offerings are below. Email Susie for arrangements and pricing.

Wise at Work Trainings (Onsite or Online)