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Check out that infographic over there. Yeah, that’s the one. To the right. So what does it mean when employees are disengaged at work? In the close-up picture, the worker exerts a small effort, fumbles assignments, gossips about coworkers, and spends work time shopping online at Zara’s.

The only thing worse than a disengaged worker is the actively disengaged one who shows up late carrying a wretched attitude in his lunch box.

Disengaged employees make the workplace culture miserable. They also tank organizational productivity, profits, and viability.

At Wise at Work, we believe that organizations, leaders, work teams, and workers want and can be better and wiser. Our trainings use a neurobiologically-guided lens to lift organizational culture, team dynamics, leaders, and all employees. Mammalian biology is the bedrock of any lived experience in the workplace.

When we are able to see how mammals tick, we are able to design the human resource practices, values and rituals, team structures, management, and culture to support the organization’s flourishing.

All W@W Trainings our customized to your workplace, online or onsite!  Our offerings are below. Email Susie for arrangements and pricing.

Wise@Work Trainings (Onsite or Online)