Neurobiology @ Work

In this 4-hour training, leaders and staff will learn how workplace conditions and emotional states of employees can increase engagement and improve organizational effectiveness.

Neuroscience shows us that our brains experience the workplace as a social system. As evidenced in a growing body of research, the more leaders and staff can attain optimal emotional or neural states, the more engaged they are at work.

Engaged employees are efficient, innovative, enthusiastic and emotionally committed to their work and workplace. Numerous studies show that employee engagement directly boosts organizational performance outcomes. In one study, engaged employees resulted in 21% greater profitability for the business. In December 2017, only 33% of American workers reported being engaged at work.

Neurobiology @ Work will better equip leaders and staff how to recognize what types of workplace dynamics and situations affect their engagement. Leaders and staff will begin to identify specific, pragmatic micro-changes they can integrate into organizational practices to increase employee engagement and in turn, organizational effectiveness.

As a participant, you will:

  • Recognize which workplace dynamics and conditions deter and elevate leaders and staff
  • Determine how leaders and staff can make shifts in organizational practices and culture to optimize employees’ states of engagement
  • Identify micro-changes that will boost employee engagement and organizational effectiveness

Neurobiology @ Work is a 4-hour training using story, large and small group discussion, questionnaires, mini-lessons and the science of social neurobiology and employee engagement.

If you want to build a more engaged, satisfying, and flourishing workplace, have your organization contact Susie for pricing and arrangements. Customized trainings are available onsite or online in Alaska and beyond.