ReWired for Work Training

In today’s demanding work environment, staff disengagement and professional burnout are on the rise. Is that you and your staff? As a leader are you trying to retain staff? Create a trauma-informed workplace?

ReWired for Work is an interactive training that allows staff and leaders to make neurobiological choices and take steps to move into a calm, alert, kindred, engaged (CAKE) state. Only from there, do we bounce back from stress more quickly. Increase our engagement with our own job. Enjoy better quality of relationships at work (and elsewhere). Demonstrate more creativity. We even boost our co-workers’ productivity. This is a good piece of CAKE!

As a participant, you will:

  1. Gauge the relationship of your three basic neurobiological states and the influence of workplace stressors on them
  2. Determine and practice personalized tools and exercises that move you to your optimal state of engagement
  3. Recognize the power of refiring and rewiring neural circuits to boost your personal efficacy and to reduce vicarious trauma and burnout

Through story, neuroscience concepts, self-reflection, and facilitated group discussion, participants are able to gain insights of their own neurobiological responses in the work world and begin to personalize science-backed tools to enjoy more CAKE.

Promoting a trauma-informed organization begins with the front line workers! If you want to support leaders and staff to know more well being and engagement at work, have your organization contact Susie for pricing and arrangements. This training is customized from 4 to 8 hours and may be coupled with individual or small group coaching in Alaska and beyone.