Self Compassion for Women Workshop

going beyond coffee, chocolate, and wine

   Women. We’re good caregivers. Staying up all night with sick kids. Checking in on aging parents. Cheering up a friend with a broken heart. Rubbing our partner’s sore back. Working late for that single mom. And even being sure the dog has the right gluten-free biscuits.

     But when we need care, we sometimes stumble, falter. Instead of offering ourselves kindness, we often beat up on ourselves. With self-criticism. Hiding out. Doubting our best judgment. Ruminating on a throbbing storyline. Allowing our internal dialogue to tirelessly spin a negative yarn.



Whether you are 16 or 86, learn new mental habits, tap your body as field of presence, practice self-compassion techniques, and have fun with other women.

Learn to use the three elements of self compassion: mindfulness, common humanity, and self-kindness to bolster your emotional well-being.

Susie Amundson facilitates this 6-hour workshop allowing you to connect with your basic goodness, uncover hidden identities and triggers, lean in to difficult emotions, and wisely offer self-care.

Self-compassion (for women and just about everyone) is simply a skill most of us didn’t learn in our childhood. But by becoming more aware of our critical, confusing, and ruminating conversations within and practicing new ways of being, we allow ourselves to move past self-defeating habits that get in the way of a content and joyful life.

Gauge your self-compassion with this assessment.




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