Truing Up Training

How would you like to bring calming and healing to women in your community? Truing Up was designed just for that reason — to help women and parents uncover their calming response, skillfully handle emotions, trust themselves more, and cultivate more joyful relationships in their families and beyond.

Most of us as children and teens didn’t get a chance to develop the skills and muscles of emotional well being and inner resilience.  But Truing Up provides this opportunity.

My Truing Up curriculum is based on Richie Davidson’s four pillars of emotional being: present moment awareness, emotional resilience, goodwill to self and others, and positive outlook.

•  To hold this training in your community, an agency partners with me to host and offer Truing Up to women. It’s offered in eight, 90-minute sessions through online videoconferencing. Or an in-person 2-day workshop. Or a hybrid. Or in parts. That’s possible too.

•  The class becomes a safe place for learning and a support network for participants. Activities include mindful movement, journaling, guided meditations, self-reflection, discussion, and mini-lessons to grow awareness,  insights, and skills. We practice science-backed resilience exercises (we call them Tiny Tools) and apply them to everyday life.

•  Each week a new Tiny Tool is introduced and practiced.  In the last session, we pull together almost 20 Tiny Tools and each woman develops a personalized Truing Up Playbook that reduces her inner frazzle and buoys her emotional well-being. It’s a positive game changer for life!

Contact Susie

If you want to know more about using Tiny Tools to grow parents’ and women’s personal resilience, contact Susie or call 509-998-1009 in Homer.



“We can’t meet the emotional needs of our children unless we take care of our own.”          ~ Gabor Mate


Women Participants Share Benefits

“Thank you so for the class, Truing Up. It’s what I’ve been looking for all of my life.”

“It taught me tools of self-awareness and kindness — I had no knowledge that they existed before.”

“I liked learning tools to help with my emotional well being and very neglected inner self.”

“It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in terms of feeling angry at the world.”

“This class became a resource for me . . . a place where I could go and freely embrace my emotions. I learned how to address and respond to my emotions rather than grapple with them.” 

“Through this class, I really liked developing friendships with women in our community.”

 “Tiny Tools are wonderful, powerful and effective! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is also living on the planet!”