Unlocking the Wisdom of Leaders

In this all-day training, leaders and managers will learn how to build leadership practices that increase employee engagement and well-being while improving organizational effectiveness.

Since 2000, roughly 33% of Americans report being engaged at work. Engaged employees show up for work motivated and excited, positively impacting profits and productivity. Disengaged employee show up in a funk, with little regard for their performance or how it affects the organization.

Research indicates that leadership significantly impacts employee engagement and the work environment. According to multiple surveys, 65 to 75% of employees in any given organization report that the worst aspect of their job is their immediate supervisor, with one in two employees reporting that they have left a job to escape their boss at some point in their careers.

Unlocking the Wisdom of Leaders offers managers and executives an inside-out model of leadership. When leaders understand what truly motivates, calms and engages employees, they can build leadership practices that support, coach, and supervise their staff. In this training, we will learn how dependability, safe communication, investment in the person, and a strengths-and-learning-based approach can influence employee commitment and engagement. Leaders will practice relational and technical skills designed to build their wisdom towards more effectively engaging employees.

As a participant, you will:

  1. Recognize which factors and dynamics motivate and encourage employees toward better engagement and overall well-being
  2. Gain insight into how your leadership influences employee engagement and disengagement
  3. Determine and practice relational and technical skills to enhance your leadership skills

Unlocking the Wisdom of Leaders is an all-day training using story, large and small group discussion, mini-lessons, and the science of leadership and employee engagement.

If you want to develop leadership who engages the workforce andĀ  heightens organizational effectiveness, contact Susie. Customized trainings are available onsiteĀ  in Alaska and beyond.