When Team Brains Work Best

In this 5-hour interactive training, staff and leaders will learn how to optimize team dynamics and improve team effectiveness.

Have you ever wondered what makes a work team effective? Get in the queue. In When Team Brains Work Best, we follow the lead of the world’s expert in team dynamics whose research shows that an effective team performs well, cultivates satisfied and engaged team members, and grows its learning and efficacy over time.

Team dynamics weigh heavily on team effectiveness. Research indicates that it matters more about HOW a team works together than who is actually on the team.

The resounding top three factors that lead to effective work teams are 1) psychological safety, 2) dependability, and 3) structure and clarity. This research dovetails perfectly with the world of our mammalian neurobiology where our optimal neural state is one of safety and social engagement. When settled in that neural state, professional mammals cooperate and collaborate. Or we don’t.

In When Team Brains Work Best, we will explore how your individual and team neural states can drag or lift team effectiveness. Together we will scaffold practices of moving your work team to its optimal performing state and develop relational practices and work agreements for ensuring your team dynamics enhance all the elements of team effectiveness.

As a participant, you will:

  1. Increase your understanding of how your individual and team neural states impact team effectiveness
  2. Provide a shared common platform and operating language to discuss team dynamics and effectiveness
  3. Map out how your team can incorporate more influential dynamics to build its effectiveness within the organization

When Team Brains Work Best is a 5-hour interactive training using story, large and small group discussion, improvisational theatre exercises, and the science of organizations and mammalian neurobiology

If you want to build a more engaged, satisfying, and committed work team, have your organization contact Susie  for pricing and arrangements. Customized trainings are available onsite  in Alaska and beyond.