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 Accolades from Organizations

“Susie Amundson has been invaluable in helping our Circle of Security Parenting work reach around the globe. Her expertise includes a stunning combination of business-oriented clarity, relational insight, and personal kindness that has allowed our team to better communicate and plan for the future. We simply wouldn’t be experiencing the success we have come to know without her guidance and mentorship.”    

     ~ Kent Hoffman, Circle of Security International

“Susie has been an integral part of the transformation in my business world and her insightful coaching skills have helped me to clarify both current work issues as well as defining greater horizons. As a sole proprietor of a small service-based business, I am happy that Susie is truly “on my team” as her clarity and wisdom have helped tremendously in blending my work and life goals .”                                               

     ~ Shoshana Sadow, Acupuncture Sports Medicine

Coaching Client Testimonies

“From the precarious limb I have crawled out on, I can hear Susie and her gentle wisdom coaxing me in with an invitation to realign body, heart and mind with compassion. Her Wise at Work coaching toolkit contains wonderful practices and exercises that assist me in returning to the rightful place as my own best champion.”

          ~ Kim

“I have found Susie’s coaching very helpful in my life. I love the way she uses my words to reflect back the things that are important to me. I have been thoroughly encouraged in our sessions and she has given me many useful tools. Thanks Susie!”

          ~ Christie

“With Susie’s coaching, I am no longer a passenger in a car driven by anxiety; I am in the driver’s seat and navigating quite confidently. And my anxiety is not being fed by my sugar addiction. I now have a tool kit loaded with power tools, I am EMPOWERED and it feels pretty damn good!”

          ~ Kimberly

 Wise@Work Client List

Acupuncture Sports Medicine


Circle of Security

Fireweed Academy

Friends of Arizona Joshua Tree Forest

Goldstream Group

Haven House

Homer Electric Association

Homer Physical Therapy

Homer Foundation

Homer’s Jeans


KH Consulting

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Center

Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge

Independent Living Center

MAPP of Southern Kenai Peninsula

New Hope Counseling Center

Nature Nurtures Farms

Pratt Museum

Safe Passage

Salmon Sisters


South Peninsula Hospital