Martin Zeller, JD, MS

Creative. Relational. Positive Perspective. It’s a splendid start to describe Martin.

Not all attorneys want to wear other professional hats, but Martin did. When he was practicing law, Martin started an improvisational theatre troupe in Alaska. The classes and performances served as a venue for his creative, relational, and positively playful self, which he continues to bring to his work. Viewing things in new ways or from a fresh perspective allows him to tap creative processes with others and to generate new insights and possibilities when groups get stuck.

Martin is keen on building genuine relationships. He adeptly focuses on the unique qualities of each person; instinctively observing each person’s style, motivation, language, and actions. Whether Martin is mediating disputes, facilitating groups, or providing therapeutic counseling, he is able to honor and identify other people’s strengths and draw out the best in them. This unique gift is due to his calm presence and deep and amusing appreciation of the human condition.

Using a positive lookout with an eye for the absurd, Martin carves out an optimistic yet realistic perspective about situations. While others’ glasses seem half full, his is overflowing with goodwill toward others. In meetings or trainings, his participation adds upbeat energy, expansive thinking, and expressive fun. Martin’s enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Martin earned a MS in Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Washington University, a JD from Golden Gate Law School, and a BA in Philosophy from Rutgers. He is certified in professional mediation from the University of Washington Law School and received advanced training from the Erickson Mediation Institute.

For Counseling or Mediation appointments, call Martty at 509-294-0451.