Susie Amundson, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Hi! I’m Susie and live in Homer, Alaska.

For years, work teams were puzzling for me. Some bolted forward, others slogged behind.  To figure it out, I schooled up (as in PhD) to uncover the high-leverage steps that help work teams and leaders not only meet their goals but enjoy the climb together.

Every work team I now encounter wants to be better and wiser and find a path forward. Using my background in occupational therapy and organizational development, I designed a science-backed trail map for leaders and teams to navigate a clear route forward and build long-lasting success.

Your team won’t stump me. I help teams harness their own energy . . .  applying the science of teams, moving into action, and reaching new heights.

Here’s the credibility part too.

  • BS in Occupational Therapy, University of North Dakota
  • MS in Occupational Therapy, University of Washington
  • PhD in Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University
  • Dissertation: Emotional Intelligence, Group Emotional Competence, And Effectiveness Of Health Care And Human Service Teams
  • Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Special Certificates and Studies: Polyvagal Theory; Mindful Self Compassion; Working Genius; Transformative Mediation; Emotional Intelligence

To schedule a call, email Susie.