Our Why

“Tapping your core of wisdom” is our tagline, our deep-seated passion here at Wise at Work. Whether you are one person, an organization, or a team, we want to support each of you to tap into your wellspring of wisdom. It’s the source from where great things happen.

Our focus, or our why we get up in the morning, is to catalyze people’s inner wisdom for meaningful change. It’s that deep place that blends your rich insights, experience, and inner knowings. We believe that when organizations and people tap the core of their embodied wisdom and combine it with good data, they make sound decisions and take clear action — in other words, flourish and be more effective.

Sometimes the well of wisdom isn’t readily accessible and that’s where we come in. We bring clarity to your current reality and future dreams, psychological safety and empathy to look at the hard things and blocks, inquiry and tools to support change and innovative action steps, and encouragement and humor to keep your goals, strategies, and humanity in alignment and perspective.

Tapping your core of wisdom for meaningful change — that’s our why.  If you want to find more of yours and use it, do let us know.