When Team Brains Work Best

The question ‘what makes a work team effective?’ has been a topic of books, journal articles, magazines, talk shows, podcasts, and staff workrooms. In the last decade, we are gaining more salient information. And what we are finding is that it matters more about HOW the team works together rather than who is actually on the team.

The resounding top three factors of what makes work teams effective are psychological safety, dependability, along with structure and clarity. This makes perfect sense in the world of mammalian neurobiology! We know that our brains experience the workplace first and foremost as a social system. From there we professional mammals cooperate and collaborate. Or don’t.

When Team Brains Work Best is a 5-hour interactive training allowing staff and leaders to determine how to create more of the influential dynamics on their work teams, embed them, and use them! Through story, facilitated group discussion, and improvisational theatre exercises, team members will learn together, play together, share insights, and build sound team practices together.

As a participant, you will:

  1. Increase your awareness and understanding of how your individual neurobiology relates to your participation on work teams
  2. Begin to build more goodwill, cooperation, and trust with your existing or new work team
  3. Determine how your team can practice and incorporate more influential practices to build its ongoing effectiveness

If you want to build a more engaged, satisfying, and committed work team, have your organization contact Susie  for pricing and arrangements. Customized trainings are available onsite or online in Alaska and beyond.