Facilitating Conversations

Some conversations can be... well, difficult.

We’ve all sat through them. Where tiptoeing winds its way through the discussion and everyone barely breathes. Or those meetings where that over-splainin’ colleague can’t find a comma, let alone a period. Or when two teammates are caught in a head-butt dragging down the whole team. And we don't know how to get out of this tailspin...

Here at Wise at Work, we believe all work teams and community groups want to have a sense of belonging, contribute generatively, and learn together. And sometimes, they lack the skill sets to have productive and meaningful conversations.

That’s why we provide a supportive space for an open, focused discussion and get clear on your goals. Then, we can reverse-engineer the methods for reaching your destination. Our consensus-based facilitation allows you to make headway in your discussions, bridge differences, and uncover inspiring and feasible solutions.

With Wise at Work, you'll experience a safe place and trusted person (that's me) where you can:

  • openly name your concerns
  • work through grievances and complex problems
  • discern between a tough 'what is' and the 'what if'
  • fuel creative ideas and sound strategies for a shared purpose
  • secure a sense of relief and optimism for moving forward.

Kim Fine, Chairwoman, Homer OPUS

"Susie helped us define and celebrate our nonprofit’s North Star! Visioning with Susie and her fine brand of creative guidance, opportunities for meaningful engagement, and warm, kind, and witty presence took the “I hate strategic planning” out of our organizational growth and development. She has an uncanny knack for developing rapport, engaging participants, honoring differences, and inspiring results. With Susie as our guide, defining and celebrating our organization’s North Star became a joyful, dynamic retreat, breathing fresh vitality into our group and organization."

Hannah Gustafson, G-squared, LLC

"I first met Susie 8 years ago when she facilitated a strategic planning session for a charter school and was so impressed with the way she guided that diverse group toward a shared vision. Since then, I have been fortunate to engage her services for a variety of facilitation and planning needs. Susie's facilitation style is inclusive, thoughtful, thorough, and results focused. She does an amazing job of creating a safe space that allows for authentic engagement and equal participation. Each and every time, participants walk away with a feeling of being seen and heard and I walk away with...