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Maybe you know the feeling...

When a work team gets stuck or off-course, it’s messy and complicated to make a comeback. As a leader, you can feel drained, exhausted, and yes sometimes exasperated.

At Wise at Work, we blend the science of work teams and neurobiology to help you get your team’s structural and relational dynamics in place as a platform for success.

Using a proven, do-able, and interactive approach, we help you build a trail map allowing teams to develop skills and tap geniuses, adopt useful tools, and embrace team practices that result in success.

Ruptured teams repair and recover.
Functioning teams refresh and flourish.

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Align your team with easy-to-use tools and pragmatic practices to reach new summits


Jump into leading your self and your team with a new neural set, skill set, and mind set


Ensure all voices are heard, conflict is bridged, and impact is made

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Our Unique Approach with Your Neurobiology...

Your nervous system is wise, often hushed. When we understand it, learn to read its cues, and not judge it but leverage it, life and work simply get better and easier. I use the Polyvagal Theory as a lens to uncover your lived experiences, emotional reactions, underlying beliefs, and autopilot behaviors that are stepping stones and whoops, stumbling blocks. Those stumbles are when you get in the way of your best leadership and your team work. Together we resource up your personal agency and professional leadership. Your nervous system can break out of self-defeating neural ruts and spiral up to eat CAKE (be Calm, Alert, Kindred, Engaged). With every bite of CAKE, you'll enjoy new choices for life and work.

Hi, I am Susie Amundson

For years, work teams puzzled me. Some bolted forward, others slogged behind. To figure it out, I schooled up (as in PhD) to uncover high-leverage steps for work teams. I then took everything I know about human wholeness, emotional intelligence, neurobiology, and team effectiveness and translated these ideas into a science-backed trail map for leaders and teams. Spoiler Alert: your neurobiology and the effectiveness of your team are highly related.

Every work team I encounter wants to be stronger and wiser and find a path forward. Working together, we can help your team navigate an actionable path forward to not only meet their goals but enjoy the climb together.

Your team won’t stump me. I help teams harness their own energy, apply the science of teams, and reach new heights.



You ought to have a proven map and methods to make sure your team engages well and elevates its performance together.

Jasmine Lamb, Vice President, Mansfield Hall

"Susie is a wonderful facilitator and educator. She led our leadership team through a training process applying the science of teams and the polyvagal approach. It was clear and engaging and just what our team needed. She gave us a shared language. Team members started integrating the vocabulary and knowledge she had shared with us into their day-to-day work and leadership of their own team immediately. Not only did she inspire our minds, but she equally warmed our hearts and strengthened our sense of connectedness."

Kent Hoffman, Co-Founder, Circle of Security International

"Susie Amundson has been invaluable in helping our Circle of Security Parenting work reach around the globe. Her expertise includes a stunning combination of business-oriented clarity, relational insight, and personal kindness that has allowed our team to better communicate and plan for the future. We simply wouldn’t be experiencing the success we have come to know without her guidance and mentorship."

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You’re ready to ignite your team and invest in it. Good on you! You’ll breathe easier and enjoy watching your team launch off on this trail of rebuilding and renewal.

  • Get everyone 100% heading on the right track
  • Join together for more dependability and accountability
  • Build a connected, cohesive, and efficient team
  • Celebrate a team that learns together and kicks butt on its goals

When your team builds a foundation of productive practices and neurobiology know-how, it will leverage itself into stronger connection, more gusto, and greater performance.

You might still be wondering...



Polyvagal Theory @ Work: Navigating Neural Networks for Teamwork and Leadership