Wise at Work Trainings

Everyone likes growing and learning in the workplace.

The problem is sometimes training ideas and concepts just stay in that form. You go back to your work station and nothing's changed for you. Here at Wise at Work, we are committed to real-time tools, practices, and protocols you and your team can use to bring on more cohesion, gusto, performance, and yes, fun.

Leaders and teams want to make a difference and have meaning at work. Help them grow and learn.

Boosting Team
Well Being
Navigating Neural Networks

Enabling leaders and staff to boost their well-being and performance using the lens of the nervous system

Work Teams
Through the Science of Teams

Elevating team effectiveness through science-backed relational dynamics and structural practices

Powering Team Productivity With Your Working Genius

Enabling teams to reveal their talents and transform their
work together

Not sure where to start? Let's talk about it.

Jasmine Lamb, Vice President, Mansfield Hall

"Susie is a wonderful facilitator and educator. She led our leadership team through a training process applying the science of teams and the polyvagal approach. It was clear and engaging and just what our team needed. She gave us a shared language. Team members started integrating the vocabulary and knowledge she had shared with us into their day-to-day work and leadership of their own team immediately. Not only did she inspire our minds, but she equally warmed our hearts and strengthened our sense of connectedness."

Kent Hoffman, Co-Founder, Circle of Security International

"Susie Amundson has been invaluable in helping our Circle of Security Parenting work reach around the globe. Her expertise includes a stunning combination of business-oriented clarity, relational insight, and personal kindness that has allowed our team to better communicate and plan for the future. We simply wouldn’t be experiencing the success we have come to know without her guidance and mentorship."