We’re Mammals First

Last week, I attended a meeting at a new birth cottage in town.  It was gorgeous. Rounded walls, post and beam wood, river rock and tiled floors, and even an oval-shaped birthing tub. Right here in Homer.  It almost made me want to have a baby.  OK. Almost. And let’s face it, that bus left […]

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Apparently Safety Takes Planning

A couple of weeks ago, I started feeling edgy on our deck – one of my favorite places in this world. Almost everything is in order out there like prior years. The Himalayan poppies are blooming in the yard. The badminton net is being worked over by a moose yearling. The little swallows just fledged […]

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Can I Feel THAT Way?

I wish that I had let myself be happier in my 30s. Ahhh, sure there was the separation, and divorce. A move to a big city 1500 miles away. A new job. My mom’s illness. Dating. Not dating. Therapy. Mom’s passing. Wishing I was somewhere else.  But the other reality was I had landed in […]

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